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πŸŽ‰ Welcome!

My name is John Tounger and I'm the host of Four Minute Finance. If you haven't already, I would listen to the podcast. It's where this whole thing started.

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I created FMF because the Wall Street suits use jargony words to complicate common sense ideas. This tends to leave the rest of us in the dark, left to rely on them in order to understand what should be easy.

Here is what to expect:

The Four Minute team translates large financial concepts into english by breaking down current business news.

Each week FMF sends out 2 emails and post 3 podcast episodes that cover the latest business news and how it affects your wallet.

To get started, you can...

  • Check out my original episodes that provide an investing 101-level understanding to key finance terms.
  • Read Abby's newsletter that translates current business headlines into english.
  • Subscribe to the podcast so you can get smarter about finance in just a couple minutes.